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  Mark Chapter 16

In this final chapter of Mark, details of the resurrection are given, only one verse speaks of Jesus' ascension, and important instructions are given to the disciples. These remarks by Christ Jesus are directly to us as well, his present-day disciples. This chapter conveys a great sense of Jesus' love for his disciples, even though they all fled in fear and abandoned him at the cross (except for the youngest, John). First a small group of women who come to the sepulchre to anoint Jesus' body are commissioned by an angel to tell the disciples that he is risen. They are too afraid and say nothing. Then Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene, and he asks her to tell his disciples that he is all right (he is risen and alive). Then he appears to two men, disciples just a step removed from his closest eleven, and tells them to be sure to let his disciples know that he is okay. If you have been lost, in trouble, or separated from loved ones who would have worried about you, would you not, as soon as possible, let them know you are safe? So Jesus' heart yearns to tell his disciples that is is all right. They need not worry, mourn, or fear. He is risen and will meet them in Galilee. He is not pleased that his disciples do not believe Mary Magdalene or the two men. He upbraids them for their unbelief. Let us be sure to believe -- to believe every word Jesus has said, every promise he has made. Pray through the details of this chapter. Use your Journal and work with the questions at the conclusion. Practice and review; prepare for the next launch in about 5 weeks, the Gospel of Matthew. Please see the other text posted here about receiving a beautiful Certificate of Completion for Part One, Mark.


Final Remarks & Certificate of Completion

This is the final chapter of Mark, and the conclusion of Part One of the course. Part Two, the Gospel of Matthew, builds upon this foundational, first-to-be-written Gospel of Mark. Once you have read, watched, studied, applied ideas, and taken the quizzes for Part One, you are eligible to receive a "Certificate of Completion for Training the Twelve: Powerful Discipleship, Gospel of Mark," from Scriptural Study Center, Wilmington, North Carolina, issued by Dr. Abby Parsons.

Requirements for the Certificate: email a letter to abby@scripturalstudycenter stating that you have completed all of the various items of Part One, Mark; give an example of how this course has benefited you and/or your discipleship or ministry; request the Certificate (giving your name exactly as you wish it to appear). Indicate if you would like it mailed to you via postal service (provide your full address), or if you would like it sent to your email to be printed.

The most important and valuable thing for anyone at the conclusion of this course is an increase in Christliness, a more loving and practical ministry to others as Jesus illustrates, and a growing spiritual perception of Scripture with its universal application that enables us to "heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils:" Remember, Jesus gives this unfailing rule: "freely ye have received, freely give" (Matthew 10:8).

Watch for the launch of Part Two, Matthew, mid-August 2016. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you again as we walk together with the Master through the Gospel of Matthew. Blessings be to you, peace be unto you, and immeasurable, unconditional Love.

Abby Parsons, PhD

Scriptural Study Center